• Vision Statement
    Concept of the Sanders County Educational Services Coop
    The vision of the Sanders County Educational Services Cooperative is to form a holistic team in order to assist and support students, teachers, administrators, parents, school districts, and communities in providing free and appropriate public education for qualifying students having unique learning abilities. 

    Mission Statement
    What We will do to Achieve Our Vision

    Cooperative personnel believe configuring an environment that enhances the personal dignity of each student is inseparable from properly educating that student.  To this end, special education faculty and staff are provided, as possible, with the most current information and understanding of pertinent issues to include updated procedures, regulations, teaching methods, and technology.  Cooperative personnel will utilize and/or recommend appropriate curricula, assessments, and data to supplement development of individual programs that are rational, functional, sustainable, and congruent with the rightful capacity of each individual student served.  
    Value Statement
    How We will Achieve Our Mission

    Cooperative personnel affirm that each student in the Cooperative has an equally profound dignity as any other person in the world.  Further, Cooperative personnel believe that when we benefit the most challenged students, we have benefited all students.  We give special value to the concept that our mission will be accomplished in small, incremental steps, which are supported by moral virtues to especially include patience, diligence, honesty, and respect.