Taylor Salmi

  • I have worked for the Sanders County Educational Services Cooperative in various capacities since 2008.  Most recently in the capacity of speech language pathologist/director.  I provide the speech services in Thompson Falls for preschool through 12th grade.  In addition to the speech caseload, I travel throughout the cooperative, as the director, assisting our school districts in various ways depending on need.  Our primary focus in the SCESC is serving kids and making sure we are providing our districts, students, and families with the resources and information they need to enable our students to be successful.  I encourage parents and staff to contact me with any questions or concerns they may have surrounding their student's education and/or the services we provide.  Please contact me at the cooperative office via phone or email (taylorsalmi@gmail.com).  

  • Taylor Salmi, Director/SLP

    P.O. Box 1448

    Thompson Falls MT  59873

    Ph. (406)827-3007

    Fx. (406)827-3020